Life & Resilience Coaching

What is life coaching? A life coach is a co-collaborator and advocate who helps you set your own goals and recognize and live up to your full potential.

So what's my purpose? Simple: I help girls, teens and young women manage the pressures and fears of the teen years to confidently become successful women.

My approach to coaching is a holistic one. I take into account emotions, mindset, behaviors and the spirit of my client.

Oftentimes we have expectations and assumptions of how something will be or how it should turn out. Assumptionscan be externally driven or internally driven. Then we get there, and it is isn’t what we imagined, and before we know it we have an “assumption aftershock”. This is one of the main areas I help girls and women.

As a life and resilience coach for girls and young women, I work to empower and anchor their self esteem in emotional intelligence; to offer them tools and mechanisms to raise their self-compassion, to stop negative thought loops and to build resilience in order to live joyfully and authentically in what can be a very stressful world.

For women, life is full of transitions. As a certified coach, my goal is to work with women who find themselves in transition or in need of reclaiming their identity or strategizing to define boundaries or goals. I am here to work with you as your accountability partner, but most importantly as your co-collaborator and advocate. If you are ready to live joyfully and find balance, let's talk. I am happy to build a custom package for you.

Feel free to contact me or book a discovery session and let's talk.

A Sincere Note for you If you are Reading This

You or your daughter may feel so stuck, lost, frustrated, overwhelmed, or scared about everything, that you are determined to find every outlet out there to get you out of the pressure cooker you are dealing with. But spending money on yourself can be hard. Why? Because of fear.

You may think you don't deserve it.  And you are also thinking you don't want to bother someone else with your sad stories. You can handle your life problems yourself.

That’s how stagnation wins, and growth loses. But things can change when you reach out to a life coach. Feeling understood, validated, guided with the right principle to face those challenges can do something wonderful for you. It changes your mindset, your perspective, and your motivation to live the life you’ve put on hold for way too long beyond your expectations.

And that’s why I am here for you. Give yourself or your daughter a chance. Invest in growth.

Kamini’s warm way of being makes it easy to open up and feel comfortable talking about personal areas of life and struggles I would normally keep hidden. She has a way of making me feel like I’m not alone, and that whatever I’m facing, no matter how difficult or sticky or confusing - is manageable. She has been a strong yet gentle guide as she helped me work my way through breaking things down to their simplest state, build myself back up, layer by layer with practical ideas and solutions, and navigate my way to my next best self.
— Testimonial (A.S.)