• Certified Life Coach (Coach Training Alliance)

  • Certified Wellness Coach (IAWP)

  • Board Certified (AADP)

  • Certified WISDOM™ coach for kids

  • Certified Teen Wisdom Inc.™ Life Coach

  • Certified ACE IT™ Study & Test Taking Strategies

  • Specialty Certification New Money Story® (MentorPath)

  • Member ICF (Raleigh & National)

Article: Channeling Negative Thoughts (Carolina Parent)

I am the mother of five beautiful children. Boys and girls.

Growing up I was a shy teen. Having an unusual name didn’t help build confidence at the time. (by the way, it’s pronounced like the word “comedy” but with an “n” instead of a “d”.) I was also an over-achiever and a people-pleaser. I wanted nothing more than for people to be happy around me and with me. Therefore, I was and still am very familiar with internal pressures as well as external pressures.

Working in upper management and human resources I saw for myself the effects of lack of self-esteem and self-confidence have on an individual and their growth both from a business as well as a personal perspective. I witnessed the inability to manage pressures and the effects of a negative mindset.

I began to really wonder, if adults are facing these issues, it is because of what’s imprinted on our youth and teens? I mean, truthfully, teens today are already under such huge pressures: social, parental, teacher, sports, and the list goes on and on. So if we address pressure management earlier on, would that help later in life?

Everything started deep in the Heart

I followed my heart and became certified as a life and wellness coach. My goal is to help teen girls navigate the pressures and fears to confidently become successful women. I also serve and work with women who may be facing the modern day quarter-life or midlife crisis. I support these women as they too navigate life’s transitions and rediscovery of self. As they learn to let go of the idea of perfection and being all things to all people, but rather living their authentic self.

My method is simple and based on the premise that as you see your world leads to thoughts which lead to a feeling which leads to action which leads to results. I take a holistic approach to life coaching; I look at four key areas of growth, emotional, mindset, behavior patterns and inner spirit/intuition. Working as an advocate, we work together to find ways to manage stressors and to set achievable goals, leading you to live in joy and live your AuthenticMe™. I look forward to working with you.

All my best,


Kamini brings a unique ability and background to the Professional Coaching field.  Her work in executive business and legal settings make her particularly suited to engage individuals in a broad range of situations and locations.  (David Krueger, MD)