Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

I have heard that several times over the past few weeks. “You have to put your oxygen mask on before you can help others”. It makes sense, right? I mean how can you truly help other people if you cannot even breathe?

Intellectually it is a very easy to understand the concept. However, when you have trained your mind, and it has become second nature to do for others first, you almost feel selfish if you, dare I say it, take care of yourself first.

Thinking about it…from my perspective, as a mom and wife this happens a lot even in small daily occurrences.

·       Meals: I always plate their food before my own

·       Clothes: I buy their clothes and shoes before I buy for myself

·       Work: I help them with what they have to work on before completing my own work for the day.

·       Sleep: They are all tucked in and to bed before I go to sleep.

These are just a few everyday examples. Now multiply that by the ingrained mindset to take care of their needs and wants. Being an over achiever, and also a people pleaser…I find myself adding to my plate, in order to avoid any burden on them. Over and over again. This happens all day, every day. Of course, until the tank is empty.

But it’s not just moms and wives. I see it in women, in men and even in teens. So many of us have this need to please. This need to be perfect. This need to get it all done and then do some more because we do not want to disappoint others. That’s all well and good …IF…big IF here…. You take care of yourself so you have something left to give.

So maybe, just maybe the universe is simply sending a reminder,  first self-care. Then help others.