The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are positive and inspirational statements that usually describe the goals we want to achieve in life. Often repeated, affirmations are planted into our subconscious mind. This process motivates and reprograms the subconscious mind to strive toward our personal success. 

However, most people repeat negative words and statements concerning their lives, and these statements get rooted in their subconscious. Negative thoughts don’t create good experiences for us because our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the real and make-believe but accepts as true what we keep saying it.

Learn how to use affirmations effectively and you will have a valuable tool for improving your life.

How Positive Affirmations Can Benefit Your Life?

The power of positive thinking has been known to boost self-esteem, improve stress resilience, beat anxiety and depression, enhance mood, and improve interpersonal relationships.

1.      Positive Affirmations as a Means to Beat Anxiety

Affirmations address one of anxiety’s key effects: negative thoughts and beliefs. As such, positive affirmations provide concrete anxiety relief, allowing you to take control over your anxiety by choosing positive self-beliefs over negative and destructive ones.

Regular reinforcement of positive, healthy beliefs provokes deep self-awareness about who we truly are and what can we do.

Make sure to repeat positive affirmations that speak to you personally, replacing your negative thought. Here are some examples of positive thoughts that beat anxiety. 

  • I am strong.

  • I am grateful.

  • I am in charge of my breathing. I can slow it down whenever I want.

  • I am courageous and I will survive this.

  • I surround myself with positive people.

  • I am worthy and capable.

Place your affirmations in places where you can see them or write them down on small cards that you can carry with you. For the full effect, re-read your affirmations and regularly practice them.

2.      Affirmations as a Tool to Cope with Depression

Positive affirmations can beat depressive thoughts. Depression has many causes and severe forms of this mental illness require professional care and treatment. However, depressive thoughts of being hopeless, worthless, and low self-esteem contribute to depression as well. By saying positive affirmations, you can tackle your thought process and influent your recovery process.

Some of the positive affirmations you can use to challenge depression are the following:

  • I love myself.

  • I am strong and resilient.

  • I love my life.

  • I enjoy the beauty around me.

  • I am helpful to others.

  • I appreciate the good things in my life.

Make sure to repeat these positive statements whenever negative thoughts occupy your mind.

3.      Positive Affirmations Strengthen Relationships

Positive thinking can improve your interpersonal relationships. Affirmations can help you build strong, positive, committed relationship with others by getting you into positive, hopeful, and loving mindset. Repeat these positive statements and they will help you nurture your relationships and make them flourish.

  • I am loving and supporting.

  • I always communicate honestly and openly.

  • I am focused on my relationship’s growth.

  • I love and appreciate my partner/friend/family member.

  • I will protect and nurture my relationship.

  • I feel secure and loved.

4.      Affirmations Beat Professional Stress

Positive affirmations are helpful when dealing with professional challenges as they allow your intuition and creativity to work on solutions. You can repeat positive thoughts by making a list of things you want to improve at work and including positive statements for each of them.  

The habit of incorporating positive affirmations in your life can help you take a different standpoint and change the way you view situations, people and relationships in your life. Repeating positive statements about yourself will promote self-love and persuade your subconscious mind to act towards the positive outcomes. This will boost your self-esteem and your overall life satisfaction.

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