Thinking and Speaking Your Truth

How many times have you ignored your inner voice and later regretted your decision not to trust your gut? When we encounter stressful situations or need to make decisions, our conscious mind tends to rationalize our choices and usually goes with two options: “do or don’t” and “yes or no”, because this is the easiest solution. Therefore, we often don’t see the middle course of potential creative solutions.

The inner voice, or intuition, is something that all of us naturally have. Still, we usually don’t consciously listen to our inner wisdom, but choose to trust only to what appears to be rational. Your inner voice it is the best way to discover yourself, so it is important to learn how to listen and trust your instincts.

Why is Self-love Important?

Self-love means treating yourself with self-acceptance, understanding and compassion. Furthermore, it means understanding and accepting your most profound feelings, thoughts, and needs. Self-acceptance helps you understand the power of your inner voice and see things from a different perspective.

However, for many of us honoring ourselves is hard to do. Most of us were never taught how to love and honor ourselves while growing up. Or we grew up in dysfunctional families where parents or caregivers were struggling with their own challenges. How many times have you been told to suck it up? That not all is about you. To get over it – especially if you’re a male.

Nevertheless, honoring yourself and listening to your intuition can improve your life.

Following your gut can lead to a better self-awareness and help you look inside for answers, rather than search for them outside. Many of us tend to seek advice and help from our friends, spiritual coaches, therapists or motivational speakers, spending money and energy searching for someone who can help us find our way.

However, self-love will teach you how to listen to your inner voice, how to trust your intuition and follow you gut.

Furthermore, self-awareness will help you become more aware of your emotions. Intuition will help you understand what you feel, why do you feel a certain way, and how you can control your feelings. In addition, you’ll become more sensitive to other people’s emotional reactions, which will improve your relationships, help you understand other people’s motives, and predict their reactions.

Also, once you learn to listen to your inner voice, you’ll be able to make decisions more effectively. Moreover, your memory and focus will improve and you will become more sensitive to non-verbal communication. All of this can help you connect with others more effectively and keep up rewarding relationships.

Finally, the better acceptance of yourself will boost your resilience increase your optimism and happiness. Listening to your inner voice can reduce stress and anxiety levels triggered by your over-analyzing mind. This will help improve your overall mental, emotional and physical health.

Listening to your intuition pushes inspires our personal growth and leads to a better self-knowledge and self-appreciation. It helps reduce distracting voices in your conscious mind and allows the voice of your inner wisdom to arise.